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Why Puzzles?

Why puzzles indeed! It’s actually a very good question! Puzzles have been around for a very very long time! The earliest puzzles date back to 2500-2250 BC from the Indus Valley which is in modern day Pakistan and before that there were labyrinths and such. There have been so many types of puzzles through the ages, but the common jigsaw puzzle was created a bit later in the 1760’s when map makers cut their maps into pieces to help adults and children learn geography.

It sounds very academic, but many people enjoy the challenge of putting a puzzle together and seeing the image appear when each piece falls into place. Below are some of the top reasons why people enjoy putting puzzles together and why they can be a little addictive. The information is from an article in the Huffington Post by Caroline Bologna, Why Jigsaw Puzzles are so Soothing and Addicting Right Now.

They offer a sense of control. The task is defined. You have a certain number of pieces and if you keep working at it, you’re going to get to the end and have a complete image. How you do this is up to you. It can be done by yourself or you can invite friends and family to help out. You can do a little at a time or go on a puzzle bender and not stop till it’s finished. You’re in control of the process.

There is a clear purpose. When you sit down with a puzzle, you know the assignment. No ambiguity. No one offers a different task. You’re putting that puzzle together! There aren’t any competing tasks and calm is born from life’s chaotic pace.

You feel accomplished! Admit it. You know that sweet spot when the very last piece falls into place. There is a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment about that completed puzzle. It’s like scratching an itch and we love that feeling! More please!

You can make it be about togetherness. You can do puzzles by yourself for sure, but it can also be a way to connect others in your family or at a party. You get to have that shared purpose, clear goal, and community experience of satisfaction when the puzzle is complete.

My own puzzle journey started from another love – photography. I discovered I was simply collecting images and wanted a way to share my favorite images with people. But I wanted those images to be more than a picture you hang on your wall or set on your desk. What could be better than sharing them as puzzles? Beautiful images to enhance your puzzle time either by yourself or with others seemed to be the way to go. I hope you’ll agree.

May all your pieces come together. -Rachel